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I am years old and my annual income is S$
I am investing for
  • general wealth accumulation
  • my retirement - coming soon
  • a significant purchase - coming soon
My total investment portfolio is approximately S$
and I want to invest S$ in a globally diversified,
low cost, institutional portfolio.
With this investment, I want to
  • preserve my capital
  • grow my capital by taking some risk
  • maximise my returns by taking greater risk
Worst 12-month percentage loss I can tolerate for my investment

We take a highly conservative approach to understanding your maximum risk tolerance and matching it to the appropriate portfolio for you as this will lead to a higher probability of long-term investment success. Our approach uses the historical data of our portfolios, which includes the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (a statistical anomaly), and matches this to your 12-month maximum loss indicated.

If you were to take a longer-term view on your portfolio, the risk of a large loss declines substantially. We encourage you to learn more here.

  • 0%
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
Given your risk tolerance, we recommend you keep your money in term deposits with your bank to minimize risk,
and cannot advise you to invest in stocks and bonds. We would be happy to answer any questions at support@endowus.com.

Invest with confidence

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A platform for unprecedented access to best-in-class funds.
No sales and
trailer fees

Trailer fees are paid by fund managers to distributors (i.e. your broker/financial advisor/bank). The fee is typically 50% of the Fund-Level Fee and is paid out of the fund-level management expenses on a recurring basis. This potentially leads to a misalignment of incentives for the distributor, and higher fund-level fees.

that eat your returns.
Global, evidence-based portfolios at the lowest cost possible.
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Now available to
Accredited Investors

As defined in Section 4A(1)(a) of the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289):

  • An Accredited Investor whose net personal assets exceed in value S$2 million; or

  • An Accredited Investor whose income in the preceding 12 months is not less than S$300,000

and coming soon to retail.
Financial Advisers Licence no. 100066-1 issued by MAS license
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Dimensional PIMCO
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Investing like an institution,
now available to you

Track record matters. Access proven strategies implemented by leading fund managers at the lowest cost possible.
Diversified portfolios built on institutional share-class funds, managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors and PIMCO.
Savings by
paying less in fees

Compares endowus fees versus typical industry fees assuming an equal 8.0% annualised return of underlying investment before any fees.

endowus fee comprised of Access Fee p.a. (ranging from 0.25% to 0.60% depending on AUA) and 0.50% fund-level fee.

Industry fee comprised of typical retail fees of 2% sales charge, 0.50% wrap/platform fee p.a., and 1.75% fund-level fee.

over 30 years

Pay less, so you keep more of your returns

No sales charges. No trailer fees. No hidden charges. One all-in, transparent Access Fee, which includes advice, investment, rebalancing, transfers, and brokerage, at a fraction of the industry average.
We use scale to drive down your fees at the fund level. Funds typically have different fees for different customers. We work with asset managers to access their lowest fees possible so you invest like an institution.

Aligned with you, by design

endowus is an independently owned and operated financial adviser.
We are only paid by you, so our advice is unaffected by conflicts of interest.

Your security matters

Your assets are held in your own name at UOB Kay Hian, Singapore's largest broker.
All your transactions are securely processed by UOB Kay Hian.

Our Team

Our investment office is led by Samuel Rhee, former CEO and CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Asia.

We bring together decades of experience at leading global financial institutions and technology companies, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Blackstone, Nomura, HSBC, Macquarie, Wilmar, Grab, Kakao, Singtel, and more

Our diverse expertise and experience in asset management, private banking, investment banking, engineering and consumer technology have prepared us to better serve you.

Team bios

  • endowus Sam

    Samuel Rhee

    Chief Investment Officer

    Before endowus:
    24 years of experience in institutional investment, asset allocation, portfolio construction.
    CEO & CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Asia

  • endowus Youning

    You Ning Sun

    Chief Executive Officer

    Before endowus:
    Family Office CIO (US$1bn+),
    Blackstone Private Equity,
    Goldman Sachs Investment Banking,
    Harvard Business School

  • endowus Greg

    Gregory Van

    Chief Operating Officer

    Before endowus:
    Grab payment/tech partnerships lead,
    UBS Investment Banking,
    University of Pennsylvania

  • endowus Sinting

    Sin Ting So

    Head of Experience

    Before endowus:
    Nomura VP Wealth Management,
    Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management,
    University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

Advisor bios

  • Blair C. Pickerell

    endowus Advisor

    Nikko Asset Management, former Asia Chairman
    Morgan Stanley Investment Management, former Asia CEO
    HSBC Investment Management, former Asia CEO
    Jardine Fleming Funds, former Asia Chairman
    Jardine Pacific, former CEO
    Harvard Business School, MBA
    Stanford University, BA, MA

  • Professor Michael A. H. Dempster

    endowus Advisor

    University of Cambridge, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Founder of Centre for Financial Research
    Cambridge Systems Associates Ltd., MD
    Authored over 110 published research articles in leading international journals on financial engineering and risk management and written several books that have won several awards, acting as Editor-in-Chief of Quantitative Finance and Associate Editor of Stochastics, Computational Finance and Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions

  • Kevin Lee

    endowus Advisor

    Horangi, Board of Directors,
    Grab, former VP Data,
    Palantir Technologies, former Head of Asia
    Stanford, BS in Computer Science

  • Emma Y. Cherian

    endowus Advisor

    China Asset Management, Independent Director
    Oxleyan Capital, Founding Partner
    The Chinese Finance Association, SE Asia Society President, former USA Chairman
    Columbia Management, former Senior Portfolio Manager
    Putnam Investments, former VP
    University of Notre Dame, MA
    Shanghai International Studies University, BA

endowus is an independently owned and operated financial advisor with the sole objective of securing your financial well-being.

Our Investment
Philosophy - 8 Principles

  • Maximise returns by minimising cost

    removing the single biggest drag to portfolio performance over time

  • Enduring belief in power of markets

    taking broad market exposure through the wisdom of crowds to capture the best long-term performance

  • Time in markets vs market timing

    giving the long-term investor the highest chance of success in reaching their financial goals

  • Asset allocation is everything

    setting up an appropriate, intelligent asset allocation strategy is the most important driver of long-term returns

  • Strive for the efficient frontier

    generating the highest possible expected return for every level of risk taken

  • Diversification improves risk-return

    having broad exposure across diverse assets whose correlation characteristics reduce risk without sacrificing returns

  • Optimise based on personal risk tolerance

    customising personal portfolios is essential as there is no one size fits all in investing

  • Know your limitations

    partnering with experts and leading global institutions to access best in class financial solutions to achieve your goals

Access institutional investing for the individual

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